Showcasing arts-integrated interdisciplinarity at Michigan

Featured Coursework

One of the greatest benefits of working and studying at a research university like Michigan is the breathtaking spectrum of possibilities across disciplines.  The living/learning community on North Campus, Living Arts, introduces incoming students to just that.  Students in this program complete

There are also courses offered that span multiple disciplines across North Campus units:

  • Creative Process is a four-credit course team-taught by faculty from each of the North Campus units that immerses students of all ages from all units in the creative process. CP provides students the opportunity to pursue intensive, hands-on creative work in four modalities: sound, motion, visual images and objects, and language. The objective of Creative Process is to de-mystify creativity for students in all U-M units and years: to teach students that creativity is not a character trait or an event, but a process — one that will challenge their sense of competence and mastery, but that they can understand and eventually master, transforming both themselves and their work.
  • Shaping the Sound of Bronze: Casting Gongs and Metallophones demonstrates the roles that shape and material structure play in determining the acoustic properties of objects through the hands-on making of the bronze instruments of gamelan ensembles. Working within the framework of design-build-test, students will apply mathematical models of resonant structures to design, cast, measure and refine the tonal properties of bronze instruments. Student teams will learn the necessary concepts and techniques by drawing from three educational traditions (Engineering, Art, and Music).
  • Penny Stamps Distinguished Speakers’ Series.Established with the generous support of alumna Penny W. Stamps, the Speaker Series brings respected emerging and established artists/designers from a broad spectrum of media to conduct a public lecture and engage with students, faculty, and the larger University and Ann Arbor communities.
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) creates research partnerships between first and second year students, and faculty, research scientists, and staff from across the University of Michigan community.  All schools and colleges are active participants in UROP, thereby providing a wealth of research topics from which a student can choose.  Begun in 1989 with 14 student/faculty partnerships, today, approximately 1100 students and over 700 faculty researchers are engaged in research partnerships.

To initiate your own interdisciplinary work, survey your current research and professional interests.  Determine what primary factors and challenges there are in the current environment, and contact experts in the relevant fields to help you brainstorm.  They are best able to put you in touch with other students or faculty who share similar interests.


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