Showcasing arts-integrated interdisciplinarity at Michigan

What is Idea?

Michigan Idea brings together students from all schools and colleges at the University of Michigan, with the arts and engineering colleges of North Campus at its core, to facilitate arts-integrated interdisciplinary work and play.

Idea hosts four large-scale, hands on projects per semester, which are coordinated by subcommittees made up of Idea members.  The projects give members an outlet for their creativity, challenging them to think outside the box and to work across disciplines.  This hands-on experience nurtures skills that will serve Idea members well in the workplace, preparing them to be leaders in their respective fields.

Idea is governed by the Executive Board, which selects events, coordinates logistics, and oversees planning of projects.  To become a member of Idea, submit a project plan, or for more information about the group, please contact

Maya Lin's wave field at the University of Michigan

Wave Field. Maya Lin, 1995.